Jan 26, 2011

Loop Spoons Are Here!!!

The loop spoons arrived from Sassy today and I was so eager to test them out. As soon as I handed a spoon to Max he immediately lit up and for the first time I wasn't worried that it would end up on the floor.

Right now I am going to offer a FREE spoon with every Toy Saver purchased. I only have 15 so you need to act quick! To receive your FREE loop spoon simply type "SPOON" into the "special instructions" section during check out. If you forget, don't worry.... you can always send us an email immediately after you've made your purchase to info@thetoysaver.com.

The loop spoons are all gone. Thanks to everyone who participated. Drop us a line and let us know how you like using your loop spoon with The Toy Saver, or leave us a comment on our facebook page

Jan 19, 2011

The Toy Saver Has Gone International

When I started making Toy Savers in December of 2010 I had an idea that I thought a lot of people would think was cool, but I had no idea it would spread all the way across the ocean!

Last week, right after the Toy Saver was featured on Baby Gadget I woke up and had orders from the United Kingdom, Canada, then Norway and just this week Taiwan! It is very exciting to be sending my simple creation all the way around the world. I wonder what country will be next.

**Update: the next day I received an order from Belgium.**

**Update on the update: Just received an order from France and Australia.**

Jan 10, 2011

Look! We are on babygadget!

We could not be more excited. Our very first Toy Saver Give Away courtesy of babygadget. All readers have to do is go to our facebook fan page and write about their worst dropped toy experience. The best story wins a Toy Saver of their choice. The winner will be chosen on January 24th.

Jan 6, 2011

Spoon Saver for Your Toddler

Sooner or later Max is not going to want me to feed him. He is going to want to do it himself. He already tries to take the spoon from me, but I know that if I give it to him there is one place it will always eventually end up. And who wants to go through five or six spoons at every meal? Not me.

As you guessed, there is a solution to this and the Toy Saver has a role. Check out these ingenious spoons from Sassy with loops! How awesome are these!? I just ordered a bunch from Sassy and I can't wait to give some away! As soon as they arrive I will let everyone know and we will do some give-aways :)