What is a Toy Saver?

The Toy Saver is a solution to the constant picking up and washing off of toys and pacifiers from the floor.

The Toy Saver is a polyester strap with 8 plastic snaps. The 8 snaps allow the strap to accommodate varying thicknesses of toys or chairs and can also be used to shorten the strap (if the child is sitting close to the floor or in a stroller where if dropped, the toy may hit the wheels). It is great for restaurants, trips to the grocery store, rides in the stroller and meal times at home.

Each Toy Saver comes with an extender strap, which is another polyester strap, shorter in length with 4 snaps that can easily attach to the long strap and hold an extra anything. The extender can also be used alone to attach a toy or pacifier to a bag.

I currently have 3 scattered about my house. I find myself using them all the time! I think everyone needs at least 2.

The Toy Saver is machine washable and the snaps are CPSIA compliant.

Price: $8.00
Includes: Toy Saver Strap + Extender Strap
Shipping: $2.00 to Anywhere
Payment Options: MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discovery