Dec 14, 2010

The Birth of the Toy Saver

There are so many products on the market and new parents cannot possibly be able to know what "stuff" is going to be a complete waste of money and what is actually going to be useful. I was pulled in even before my son was born and was convinced that I needed so many gadgets and gizmos, only to realize that they were all bologna and ended up in a box somewhere in a closet somewhere.

When my son was 5 weeks old, my husband and I traveled to Boston to visit some friends who had children a few months older. While visiting, we went to a restaurant and my friend (his son was 9 months old at the time), pulls a string out of his bag and proceeds to tie one end to a toy and the other to his son's high chair. It seems so simple, and it is, yet, I thought, there must be a better way of attaching your child's toy to a high chair.

And that is where it began. I started thinking and I thought about what materials I would use for the strap and how I would account for attaching the strap to varying things. I would have to fit snugly around various sized toys and would need to be able to attach to high chairs, strollers and shopping carts. The strap would have to be long enough for the child to be able to play with the toy freely, but short enough so the toy didn't hit the floor when dropped. The hardware that attaches the toy to the strap and the strap to the chair would have to be strong enough so that a baby couldn't unclip the toy, but weak enough so that an average adult could do and undo it with ease. After all the thinking and Internet searching I came up with what you see in the pictures, a polyester strap with 8 snaps. The 8 snaps allow the strap to accommodate varying thicknesses of toys or chairs and can also be used to shorten the strap if the child is sitting close to the floor or in a stroller where if dropped, the toy may hit the wheels. I tried to think of everything and came up with a design that I think will really work.

I showed my work to my husband who thought that it would be good if the Toy Saver could hold two toys at once, or a toy and a pacifier. This idea gave light to the Toy Saver Extender, which is another strap, shorter in length with 4 snaps that can easily attach to the long strap and hold an extra anything. The Extender can also be used to attach a toy or pacifier to a bag. We decided that it would be good to sell the Toy Saver strap and Extender as a set.

After making a few prototypes I started using them around the house and currently have 3 scattered about. I find myself using them all the time! I think everyone needs at least 2.

Price: $8.00
Includes: Toy Saver Strap + Extender Strap
Shipping: USPS Standard Rates Apply