Dec 14, 2010

How The Toy Saver Attaches to a Toy

Made from strong polyester webbing and plastic snaps, The Toy Saver can attach to a variety of toys. They are easy for adults to use, but difficult for a child to unsnap. The multiple snaps allow you to attach a rattle or a stuffed toy to a shopping cart, stroller or high chair, and if it gets dirty, no worries, it's machine washable! Keep one in your purse, another in your diaper bag and a third at home. Never let a toy drop again!

Gina from Wayne, New Jersey says,
"I think The Toy Saver is fantastic. It's adorable for my little guy. Not only is it good looking, it's of exceptional quality. The straps are strong and won't fray, and the snaps are very secure. My little guy chews on everything and this is no exception. Good thing they are very easy to clean. Plus, I really love the extender strap. I can attach it right to his shirt (most of them have buttons) and I just slide it right through the button hole. It solved my problem of the dropped binky!Thank you so much Toy Saver, you have saved us!"