Jan 6, 2011

Spoon Saver for Your Toddler

Sooner or later Max is not going to want me to feed him. He is going to want to do it himself. He already tries to take the spoon from me, but I know that if I give it to him there is one place it will always eventually end up. And who wants to go through five or six spoons at every meal? Not me.

As you guessed, there is a solution to this and the Toy Saver has a role. Check out these ingenious spoons from Sassy with loops! How awesome are these!? I just ordered a bunch from Sassy and I can't wait to give some away! As soon as they arrive I will let everyone know and we will do some give-aways :)


  1. Hi. I have been on the hunt for loop spoons but cannot seem to locate any. Can you tell me where you purchased yours or where I may be able to find them? Thank you.

    1. Hi. I purchased them in bulk from Sassy for the promotion. They had been discontinued, but still had some in stock. I am thinking of contacting them again soon to see if they have more and running another promotion. We loved the spoons and so did our customers. They worked well with The Toy Saver!! If you'd like to shoot me a private email at info@thetoysaver.com, I can email you when I find out if Sassy has more. -erinn


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